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Theremin thanks

Back in my pad, getting ready for bed. How I miss you, bed!

Still, many thanks are in order. Thanks to V, Chris, and Cray for hosting me, once again (sorry I didn't put my blankies away. I overslept and had to run out the door. I hope I didn't wake anyone this morning). Thanks to Mr. Gunray for sleeping on my hip (yay kittie love)! Thanks to Cray for providing more awesome drunk Cray memories. Thanks to Chris for the fun geeky times. Thanks again to V for filling my belly with tastiness. Thanks to everyone for letting me edge in on the basement show awesome party action. Thanks to Sam for the snuggles and the lavender balm. Thanks to J for the back cracking. Thanks to Courie for jumping around with me like we just don't care at the basement show. Thanks to the basement bands for rocking, especially BLOODGEYSER and Fleetwood Marx (oh, and please do pass along my friend's comment to Chris that DJ Tanner is the awesomest DJ name ever). Thanks also to BLOODGEYSER and Fleetwood Marx for giving me the opportunities to participate. Thanks to everyone for making me laugh. Thanks to the garden for yummy kale. Thanks to the radish fetus for letting me serenade you with a song about you.

I'm sure there are more thanks to be given.

Also, I am obsessed with theremins now.

And so begins the onslaught of November birthdays of people I love and adore (Sam is an honorary member, since she's almost November).

Happy happy, starsimplode !

Time to roll up our sleeves

Let's get the real work started.

Obama. Oh yes!


Hi, LJland!

What's new in your world?

In the ghetto?

My kitchen sink is leaking. This morning I was awakened by the sounds of breaking glass and a lot of people yelling. 4AM. There's glass all over the hallway carpet, blood splattered on the walls of the front stairs, a broken window, and a broken light fixture.

Ah, holiday weekends!

Especially for you

Especially if you're starsimplode or vvvvv, or love David Lynch.

Yeah, that old shit again

I've drastically paired down my f-list. I hardly read LJ anymore. No hard feelings, eh?

Oh, and if you've wanted to LJ-dump me for a while but haven't for whatever reason, go ahead and do it. Like I said, no hard feelings.


We are surrounded by ghosts we choose to ignore. If we open our ears/hearts/minds, would be we be overwhelmed with sadness, or a stronger urge to fight?

Craft Sunday

I've been in denial that the semester's started, and instead have been having lots of good friend time (which includes crafts).

By the skin of my teeth

As of 3PM Friday (that's less than 13 hours from now), I will be officially done with my first semester of full-time grad school work. Unfortunately, everything's sort of piled up toward the end.

Status as of 2:25 AM:
Final report formatted for 501 (20 pages) - check!
Peer review for 501 (1 page) - check!
Reflections paper for 501 (3-5 pages) - not even started!
Prep for 502 final - wrongo bongo
Packed and ready for winter break - that is a negative


In hindsight, I should have planned to give myself a day to recuperate before taking my trip. Oh well.

Comic geek validation

I was awakened by the phone just now. It was JD calling. The first thing she said was, "We won!....2nd place!".  Freaking kick ass sweet! She, her brother, and I dressed up like characters from "The Maxx" and went to our local comix shop and entered in their costume contest. This picture is posted on their MySpace page.

F*awesome! (I look like crap, but I don't care!)


This journal version of me really blows.

The most dreaded three words...

...collections, flows, and processing.

For this semester, at least. Holy crap am I sick of thinking about those words in their various information contexts.

I am not enjoying my education right now. Who wrote this unspoken rule that graduate education had to be so unnecessarily painful and frustrating? What happened to the "joy of learning" and that shite?  Why am I going into so much debt to put myself through this?

I should be all excited. I'm dressing up as Sara from "the Maxx" for Halloween. My heart's just not in it.
My new favorite library ... online thingy (I'm sorry, I just still hate the word "blog", and I cringe a lot whenever I use it).

Siouxsie is still an ass-kicking Banshee

I honestly never thought I'd end up abandoning LJ for Facebook. Creepy. Anyway, I posted this there, too.

Ever since barreling her way into the limelight on a bill with the Sex Pistols in 1976, Siouxsie Sioux has been a bona fide punk princess, influencing legions of doom merchants and accidentally inventing goth as we know it. ...
Siouxsie Sioux is still my hero.

I could do without the "bona fide punk princess" malarchy, though.

My favorite quote:
"I get sooo bored. Can you imagine answering the same banal questions for 30 years? Bill Grundy, swastikas, blah blah blah. We wrote the band biography in 2003 and I thought that'd do it. Read the fucking book.

There's way too much retrospective going on all over the place. Stop looking backwards. Remakes of films, like The Omen and Halloween. Have you really run out of ideas? Imagination costs nothing. It's free and anyone can do it. It's the same with having someone style you. I mean, use your bloody head. That's the fun of it!"

Thanks to Lizzie for the link!

Minor internet celebritydom

What a day! Today was my last day at my job. Twas festive. One big highlight of the day is that Jessamyn West (she's fairly well-known in the librarian portions of the internets) made a post about the Flickr photoset I created for the library. The feedback I've received from this from librarians has been very positive. Granted, I can't take full credit, since it wasn't my idea to do this, but still, I did it! And people find it useful! That's the best part of all.

Check out my dorky library Flickr project

I was asked to do a little photo story of some of the behind-the-scenes action at the library. And here it is.

And yes, I am a total dork.


Minneapolis people, are you alright?

Shawn informed me that a bridge collapsed over the Mississippi in Mpls today. If you're in Mpls, and I know you, please comment or e-mail me to let me know you're okay.

I've been trying to call people, but the phone lines are jammed.

What goes up must crash and burn

Always, always, always be careful what you wish for. Always.
Dr. Violet Socks poses a question that many people are starting to ask: why are people not more up in arms about ECT therapy and the disproportionate number of women that are forcefully subjected to it? Of course, I have some guesses, but I'll leave it for y'all to discuss (yeah, right, who am I kidding?).

Presidential Scholars on Democracy Now!

Riot geek grrrls stick it to the pres. Kinda. Strong words falling on deaf ears.

Still, these young people are amazing.

Blue Blanket

This is just so perfectly and well-said. Amazing and beautiful.

It's time for an Alexicon revival

I haven't made an Alexicon update in a while.

Here are some words I'm using a lot, lately.

  • of or relating to a disease (or anything resembling a disease) constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular locality; "diseases endemic to the tropics"; "endemic malaria"; "food shortages and starvation are endemic in certain parts of the world"
  • native to or confined to a certain region; "the islands have a number of interesting endemic species"
  • a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location
  • a plant that is native to a certain limited area; "it is an endemic found only this island"
  • autochthonal: originating where it is found; "the autochthonal fauna of Australia includes the kangaroo"; "autochthonous rocks and people and folktales"; "endemic folkways"; "the Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan"

  • Of course, I've been re-appropriating the word and using it to describe metaphorical diseases which are endemic to large research universities.

    I've been saying this in my head, more than aloud. It makes me think of Lynda Barry's Ernie Pook's Comeek a lot.

    Dang! I can't remember any more at the moment. Piffle.


    On the boredom bandwagon

    Someone save me! Come on friends, I know you're out there. Share an amusing anecdote, a random fact, a link, it doesn't matter. Show me you care! I'm rutted.

    Dreams on paper

    It just occurred to me that what I do for a living is receive dreams. This book, "Sea Ventures: Shipwreck, Survival, and the Salvation of the First English Colony in the New World" triggered the notion. I thought of Ron Kempton, this kid I knew in 5th grade who had a seemingly unending supply of adoration for all things nautical. How much of a labor of love is it to write a book? Even though we get thousands and thousands of them, regardless of the subject matter, there's a single thread that binds every one of them, and it hasn't seemed to weaken. Pick up any book. Flip through the first couple of pages, and read the acknowledgments and/or dedication. Do you see the quest for fulfilling dreams unfolding there?

    Image used under Creative Commons license, attributed to emdot on Flickr.


    A book I have to read

    I get a lot of books across my desk. Hundreds each week. It's therefore remarkable when I feel like I absolutely must read something.

    Why Feminists are Wrong: How Transsexuals Prove Gender is not a Social Construction
    by Rosa Lee

    From the back cover:
    'Why Feminists are Wrong' tells us just that.  This work debunks post-structuralism, and criticizes women's studies as a discipline that does not apply the scientific method. Changes in the sciences appear through the study of anomalies.  Using the anomaly of the transsexual to prove why gender is not a social construction, this work espouses a wholly different approach to feminism.  Taking a broad look at entheogen use, the structure of consciousness, and quantum mechanics, this work leads the reader up a narrow and winding path to a view of feminist ideology seldom seen.  Scrupulously documented, filled with colorful detail, using a wide array of metaphors, and underlined with a highly subversive tone, this book will change your worldview.

    First off, this book is 98 pages long. Either Rosa Lee is extremely concise, or sie (the back cover uses this set of pronouns) is missing something. I don't mean to slander hir before reading the book, but my skepticism is already piqued by some of the things I've seen when I skim through the book and read the back cover.

    Since when is women's studies a hard science that needs the treatment of the scientific method? Even if hir claim that gender is mostly or completely defined by physically manifested factors, what of socialization? Is sie claiming that "nurture" factors don't play into gender identification at all? It seems like sie's missing the point of the need for women's studies, the need to go beyond the medicalization of the self, and more, to see how the medicalization of the self is intrinsically socially constructed.  My questions and ideas are not well-formed as of yet. I need to do more thinking, and I think I need to read this book. Even though it claims to incite the scientific method, it looks more like pseudo-science being shaped to conform to a personal agenda, repackaged to appear objective.

    Granted, I understand the perils of post-structuralism, and how, if taken too far, one can end up a nihilist. Does that mean post-structuralism should be summarily discarded? I think not. I think there's merit to paying notice to social constructions. It allows for expanded queries and points of view. Examining the social construction of what we deem as objectivity is crucial to seeing where our biases are. I see post-structuralism and post-modernism to be tools in a theoretical toolbox, not the be all end all of theoretical discourse. Also, not all feminist theorists rely on post-structuralism.

    I'm not bashing the author. Like I said, my curiosity is piqued. I've often thought about gender ID and trans issues and women's studies and how they overlap and perhaps counter one another. I don't know if I'll find what I'm looking for in this book. Maybe I will. Maybe, as the back cover says, it will change my worldview. However, after working for the LoP and seeing the kind of wacky stuff people try to pass of as "science" (e.g. the use of quantum physics as a way to explore human consciousness; mentions of shamanology), I get a little uncomfortable.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm not particularly well-versed in any of the topics I mentioned. Perhaps this will be a springboard for more directed inquiry.


    Ummm... some stuff

    Walking along railroad tracks is fun.

    I wish I could videotape this dog! The way she acts with her "humpy" blanket is fascinating and insane. She jumps all around it and pants wildly. Then she drags it around and folds it into a perfectly humping-shaped ball. Panting and jumping more fervishly, she humps the shit out of the blanket. I keep thinking someone's trying to break into the house, but then I hear her panting, and realize that she's just having mad, passionate monkey sex with herself.

    The other dog, well, it's amazing she has any fur left on her paws. She licks at them for hours.

    These dogs are weirder than I am.

    I have writer's block in regard to writing e-mails to people and doing my little travel journal update. I wonder why.

    I was thinking of starting to write a "bloggy" blog, maybe on Blogger. Do a "cause a day" thing, in which I point out something I find remarkable each day. Haha! Yeah, right, like I'd ever follow through on such a thing! A woman's gotta dream...


    Why didn't I think of that?

    See, this is why I wish I were more creative.

    For many years, I've imagined little animated vignettes, dreaming and yearning for drawing talents to magically bestow themselves upon me so that I could give an outdoor life to the little movies that live inside my head. I'm watching "Me and You and Everyone We Know", and Miranda July totally showed me a way to do it without needing to draw! Only I can't do it now, cos she did it. Now I'll just have to think of something else, I guess.

    Also, Miranda July totally reminds me of my friend, JP.

    Oh, and I totally realize that I'm behind the times, since this movie came out two years ago. Oh well.
    I tell just about everyone who's interested on Frued's essay regarding the transience of life.

    I was link-hopping just now and found an article by Albert Einstein called "Why Socialism?", published in 1949.

    *love love*

    Best fortune cookie ever

    A bunch of people in my office went out for a co-irker's birthday lunch today. We all received fortune cookies at the end of the meal, as per usual in an American Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. Most of our "fortunes" said something about teamwork or included other platitudes.

    My boss? He got one that said,

    "Tastes like chicken".


    Excitement in Room 1!

    I don't know what the hell an opossum is doing awake in the middle of the day. We in Room 1 posit that it was disturbed by all of the construction going on around the library. It's perched under a tree, on top of a wall, just outside of the windows near my desk. I went outside and stuck my camera-phone in its face, much to its chagrin. It's now sleeping soundly under the branches of the tree, seemingly away from harm.

    Hello Hand Plague my old friend...

    Dear Stormy,

    You were Hand Plague-free for, what, a month or so? So you started taking liberties. A little cheese here. Some chocolate there. There. Aaaand there. You think you can cheat me? I am your master!

    The Hand Plague

    What's not to love?

    Last week I was all about The Organ.

    This week I am all about The Gossip. How can I not love them? Let's review:

    • Queer, fat frontwoman (who's quite open about both of those descriptors) with a powerful voice delivering riot grrrl-esque righteous indignation and power
    • Totally danceable beats with quite a bit of edge (and even though their recent album has more production polish, it's still edgy enough for me). I believe the words used to describe their sound is "dance punk"
    • "Standing in the Way of Control" is a total freaking earworm


    A nap well-earned

    I want to take a nap. Here's the breakdown:

    • I need to do laundry in the worst way
    • My apartment is still as unpacked as it was when classes started
    • There's a whole bunch of other shit I need to do

    • Had breakfast with a couple of fabulous women: Mo$$ and N
    • N and I helped Mo$$ move
    • Dropped Mo$$ off and sent her, along with some other people, off to do archiving in South Africa
    • Moved the totally sweet bed that Mo$$ sold me fer cheap out of the car and into the hallway, all by myself

    Perhaps Buddhist-y perspective
    • I am at half-capacity. I had, oh, 5 hours of sleep last night. If I take a nap, I might restore myself closer to full, thus enabling me to tackle some other stuff.

    Nap wins! Hands down!

    Wrong side of the universe

    Gah. What is wrong with me? I am just so full of piss and vinegar today. I'm so *angry* - about everything and nothing in particular. Everything seems so pointless and meaningless and useless today.

    Maybe I just need more sleep. Sleep is my friend. I love sleep. Funny, because my dreams really fuck with me. Still, I want good sleep, but I'm just not getting it.

    Apropos of nothing and everything: I've become addicted to watching "Spaced" on YouTube. This show pleases me. The problem is that I stay up too late watching it.
    My newish bud, LES, is writing interesting things about music and women:

    Cate turned me onto this tonight (haven't read that much yet, but damn, I'm intrigued):

    Feeling the love again

    Ahhhh. That's better.

    Some good chats with my bestest buds in Mpls. Ideas for travel plans in May. My dear A2 bud JD stopped by my work and kidnapped me for lunch today. Good sushi, good convo.

    I am feeling so very fortified now.

    Presents in the mail!

    Presents in the mail!
    Originally uploaded by stormy brow.
    My darling Spitfire sent me a care package (that I received today). The necklace I'm wearing (they're little skulls) was in the package, along with some Lush bath bombs and some little toys (are they skeeball booty, I wonder?).

    It's especially welcome for a number of reasons: 1) I miss my darling MN buds; 2) I had a really crappy day; 3) who doesn't love random pressies in the mail?!

    I am loved and lucky!


    All of this thinking and reading I've been doing on "tradition" and "heritage" and classification schemes and philosophers and social scientists has got me wondering what makes an "heirloom seed" such? Is a certain conceit present? I think I shall research this and find out. I'm sure starsimplode's website will point me in some directions.

    Frank Black at The Current

    Especially for fans of 89.3 The Current in good ole Mpls/St.Paul. Did you know they had a YouTube channel? Thanks to Shawn for pointing this out to me.

    Frank Black is still as cool as fuck as always.

    Also also

    I totally keep forgetting to mention that John Waters gave a keynote address at ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) in Baltimore this  year! My boss got to see him! Apparently, he gave a presentation similar to the one I saw in Ann Arbor (although that one was not library-related). He did tell a story at ACRL, though, about how, as a youngster, he was researching Tennessee Williams, and the card catalog said "see librarian" (because Tennessee Williams was gay).

    I wish I went this year! Drat! I need to get my ass in gear in regard to making use of reimbursements for conference attendance, since that's one of the perks to assuage my meager salary.


    I did take a break to attend a fabulous talk given by Dr. Joe Janes, faculty at the University of Washington iSchool, and former faculty at UMich. He talked about the intersection between "traditional" library science and the "iSchool" movement. I wish they could somehow package the talk he gave, because it was an excellent encapsulation of these two areas. It would be particularly useful for anyone thinking about pursuing education in either library science or at an iSchool. He was engaging, funny, articulate, and concise. I wish there were more faculty like him (but don't tell anyone at SI I said that!).

    Playing hookie

    I called in sick to work, in favor of spending some quality time in Research Paper Land. Progress is being made, albeit slowly and painfully.

    I am trying to keep my eyes on the prize, so to speak. When I finish this paper (yes, WHEN), I will have successfully completed my first course in graduate school. Yes, my peers will have had a whole academic year's worth of classes under their belts, but I'm not going to compare myself to them. Well, I am, but it's more of a contrast. My journey into graduate school has been extremely trying, but I've stuck with it as best I could.

    I am going to feel so proud of myself when this is done. The only way for me to do that, of course, is to stop dinking around online and get to writing. However, I needed to give myself a little pep talk, thus I'm updating my journal.

    The intro to my presentation

    This is part of the result of my foray into Research Paper Land. See how grad school has twisted my brain?! The actual video and presentation are much longer, but I thought this was the best part. :P

    No fair!

    Apparently Showtime is airing televised versions of This American Life. They have a few episodes that are viewable online, though.

    Stupid cable. Not that it would make any difference if it were on non-cable TV, since we don't get any reception at all at our place. That's what teh internets are for, I guess.

    Moz Madness!

    In anticipation of the Morrissey show in A2 (May 14), I purchased 4 tickets using the not-so-secret fanclub code that I found online (pre-sale -dig it! - regular ticket sales start tomorrow). I don't know who's going to use all of those tickets, but I'm sure I'll be able to find some people. It was a rather impuslive purchase on my part. I'm sure it will sell out (and that I'd easily be able to sell the tickets). The venue is not that big.

    Any of my MN people want to come out here for a visit and some Morrissey?

    Springtime in AceDeuce

    Springtime in AceDeuce
    Originally uploaded by stormy brow.
    I should have taken this picture the first time I saw this, because there was a Magnum wrapper also on the floor.

    Tatt, Day 2

    Tatt, Day 2
    Originally uploaded by stormy brow.
    Something about the Reading Room in the grad library that just makes me want to take pictures of myself.

    Tattoo done by Mike Emmett, Name Brand Tattoo, Ann Arbor.



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